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BellyRoll Costumes is based on the island of Maui, Hawaii, and has been producing unique bellydance costumes for more than eleven years. Their designs are all hand-crafted to order, and each costumes piece is a unique work of art, created to compliment the dancer's style and performance.

BellyRoll Costumes founder, Beka Merrifield, learned tribal bellydance in San Francisco, California, where she was a student and member of FatChance Bellydance. The costumes she makes are specifically designed for the needs and appearances that American Tribal Style, Urban Tribal Style and Dunyavi Rom Dance style require.

Costumes for these dance styles range from simple Pantaloons through traditional Coin Bra's covered with coins and jewelry, up to exotic Kaleidoscope Skirts, our exclusive design, which are full of rich colors and luxuriant textures. Each piece is crafted specifically to each order, to allow the perfect fit for each performer.

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